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Alexis Tours Travel Agency established on 1987 by Akexandros Gasparatos, who has been president of Greek Union of Tourist Busses and Secretary of  ΓΕ.Π.Ο.Ε.Τ (Greek Union of Tourism).

We offer you services in abroad and domestic tourism as well as customers transfer in our luxurious and safe fleet of busses. We daily offer our services to well-known companies and goverment agencies.

Organize your domestic or abroad excurtion by trusting Travel Agency, Alexis Tours. We also collaborate with various travel agencies nation-wide, in oreder to offer you the best services.

Our priority remains:

 High Quality Services
Top Quality Customer Services
Safe Transfer

Iera Odos 294, Aigaleo
Τ: +30 2105315999 / +30 2105915222 , Fax:  +30 2105315522 , Email:,